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Following the review of over 600 applications and a selection of 8 African youth change makers spanning from Angola, Tunisia and Ghana. Our 2019 Ambassadors have successfully accomplished their AMAP Ambassadorship.


It has been challenging and rewarding journey however 3 of our Ambassadors continued no matter what odds were against them. They have completed their training modules and despite the challenges following the COVID-19 pandemic our Ambassadors have successfully executed their community impact projects, by hosting virtual sessions to youth in their respective communities. Their community engagement projects are intertwined with Africa Matter’s YLDP and SLDP workshops.


Ambassadors were to identify issues that affect their communities and establish tangible and sustainable solutions to rectify them. Malek's project focused on cultural heritage as a tool against violent extremism, where Mawuli focused on men's contribution toward women empowerment in Ghana. Lussevikueno focused his sessions on the empowerment and upskilling of youth in Angola.


Ambassadors will then begin establishing Africa Matters hubs in their countries.

Our 2019 Ambassadors

Mawuli is a 30-year-old lab technician who specialises in malaria, TB and HIV investigations. He is currently studying a BSC in community medicine and health. 

Lussevikueno is a teacher, a professional trainer and part of the Colours Of Grace charity organisation.


He hopes to contribute to the development of Angola through his

and his students' ongoing education.

He has been accepted to study electrical engineering at the Instituto Superior Politécnico de Tecnologia e Ciências.


Malek is a 20-year-old biotechnology student with experience in the

youth NGO space.

She believes Africa's youth are key agents for social change, economic growth and technological innovation.

Community Engagement Projects