Africa Matters leverages technology to spark critical dialogue and knowledge transfer to African youth and African diasporans across the world.  To connect youth across geographical locations, we are introducing the Africa Matters Masterclass. The AMI Masterclasses will combine skills-building training from our Youth Leadership Development Program, focusing on seven topics such as African Identity, African Advocacy, Personal Development, Career Strategy and others.


Throughout the course of five weeks, participants will go through the journey of learning about how to develop their best selves, learn tangible and applicable skills and have the ability to critically and virtually engage with fellow African change-makers.

The class will be hosted in mid-July 2020. The cost of the full Masterclass will be R699 | $40 for the Early Bird Special and R999 | $57 for Standard Price. 


For more information on how to sign-up, fill out our interest form below!

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