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Quo Vadis SA: A Civil War?

Our political atmosphere has harbored lacunas for burning rage within society.No one ever envisaged such hopelessness and calamity in a modern-day South Africa.We are never free, every morning we are chained by news of developments which serve no purpose for our common good. That is why we South Africans are good at developing terminologies because we are always entangled in something that sparks controversy.

Recklessness has become synonymous with our leaders and civil society per se.We swallow cliches like 'white monopoly capitalism' and 'radical economic transformation' without any intuition. We are being coerced to be a 'yes' generation by the powers that be, only on the basis of representative democracy. Such democracy is dubious in any perspective, it is strengthened in paper and not in principles.If the powers that be loved us- they would listen and action lamentations or alternatively resign to give productive leaders a platform.

Lamentations have overcome civil society like prison chains. Burning rage within hearts of millions, young and old is spilling. Patriotism is a root and not a choice, voices are gaining momentum. Intolerance and hostility for the degradation of our institutions has sky rocketed.

Our so-called leaders have turned a blind eye. So-called leaders because leaders advocate their people's voices employing whatever means necessary.The current situation is vice versa.

Self-seeking liberty - 'freedoms' to commit crimes on the basis of 'liberty'/'immunity' has led to the demise and hostility of many governments. Look at Libya, Venezuela, Burkina Faso, Bahrain etc.There has been mass revolt. Commoners and officials alike have become oblivious to our crumbling institutions. Society is raging against the dying of the light- democracy.

Quo vadis SA, a civil war?

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