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Op-Ed: Policies should be implemented, not justified!

Society, and more importantly our leaders, should wake up and smell the coffee. They should be mindful of the fact that no matter how fancy policies sound they need to be implemented at the end of the day. Policies should not be justified, they should be exercised. Lauded policies like the South African National Development Plan are still lacking in terms of implementation.The NDP is a signature of the Zuma administration to fight poverty, unemployment­, boost job creation and lubricating cohesion along the way.The Department for Performance Monitoring and Evaluation within the Presidency is responsible for its implementation. The department has no jurisdiction to compel other ministers to execute its objectives, it depends on President Zuma's political influence and this renders it unfeasible. Since Parliament itself has been penetrated by opportunism, implementation is stalled on many occasions.This is basically due to lack of political will. One prominent issue in places like South Africa is that the economy is state-driven and thus there is excessive government influence on economic issues. Corruption is the biggest factor hampering socio-economic improvement. Even if services or job creation is boosted through tenders and other public empowerment programs, much is needed to be fixed. Administ­rations need to practice what they preach. These actions have long been justified. How often do you hear chants about radical economic transformation, pan Africanism, make America great again, democracy and others? People hear these frequently. They are like the sound of wind, common to everyone. Society is getting weary with these fancy phrases, to a point where the new lamentation is "implementation!".

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