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Africa Matters Initiative Announces Rita Stryker-Borti as New Chief Operating Officer

(Cape Town, South Africa) June 19, 2023 – Africa Matters Initiative (AMI), a leading organisation dedicated to empowering African youth and catalyzing transformative change throughout the continent, is pleased to announce the appointment of Rita Stryker-Borti as its new Chief Operating Officer (COO). As COO, Rita will oversee the organisation's ongoing operations and work closely with the executive team to drive efficiency and sustainable growth.

Rita Stryker-Borti brings a wealth of experience in leadership, entrepreneurship, and development initiatives targeting African youth and disabled communities. With over 12 years of service in international and local non-profit organisations, Rita has demonstrated a deep understanding of what drives authentic change and sustainability. Her passion for transforming the narrative in Africa has led her to partner with various stakeholders globally, including the American Embassy in Monrovia, Irish Aid, and the European Union.

A recognised leader in her field, Rita holds the prestigious Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF) 2020 Social Entrepreneur award. Her educational background in counselling equips her with exceptional listening skills and effective communication abilities, allowing her to connect and collaborate with diverse individuals.

"We are delighted to welcome Rita as our new Chief Operating Officer," said Reanne Olivier, CEO of Africa Matters Initiative. "Rita's extensive experience in leadership, coupled with her passion for driving change and empowering African youth, makes her an invaluable addition to our team. We are confident her expertise and innovative mindset will contribute significantly to our organisational growth and impact."

As the new COO, Stryker-Borti is expected to drive operational excellence, contribute to strategic decision-making, foster growth, enhance cross-functional collaboration amongst portfolios, and monitor and improve organisational performance. Her assertive, astute, and energetic leadership style, combined with her ability to innovate and motivate team members, will be instrumental in shaping the success of Africa Matters Initiative.

Africa Matters is excited about the possibilities that lie ahead with Rita's leadership and expertise, and the organisation remains steadfast in its commitment to empower and equip young people across the continent, enabling them to shape their desired future and uplift their communities.


About Africa Matters Initiative

Founded in 2015 by two young passionate black African and diasporan women, Africa Matters Initiative is dedicated to equipping youth leaders with the tools to drive tangible change in their communities. Through their signature programs, including the Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP), Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP), ShE is Empowered Program (ShE), and Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), AMI has positively impacted the lives of over 27,000 African youth and diaspora. They also collaborate with local, national, and global private, public, and non-profit partners to create bespoke programs that catalyse opportunities for African youth.

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