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Coronavirus Africa: Live Update 6

Confirmed cases: 29,422

Number of deaths: 1,341

Recoveries: 8,804

There are now only two countries on the continent that have yet to report a case of the coronavirus: Comoros and Lesotho.

Africa's 52 other countries are all reporting rising cases, and the range of responses and prevention measures they've employed are slowly delivering their results.

For Africa's approximately 800 million muslims, Ramadan - which started this week - will be unlike any other the've experienced. As the Arab Weekly put it, "the spirit of the season will be more in the hearts of people than on the festive streets of Arab and Muslim cities."

Here are a few of the major coronavirus stories happening across Africa this week.

North Africa

Regions across the globe, including Asia, Europe, and North America, are now witnessing the catastrophic effects of the new coronavirus pandemic. But because North Africa is not likely to see a peak in cases of the virus until later this year, the effects on its economies and governance are still largely unknown.

The global pandemic of coronavirus may be waning in Asia and Europe, but it’s hasn’t quite peaked across Africa, and in particular North Africa. How is the region dealing with a sudden drop from tourism, oil and investment? Are governments trusted by their people to make the right decisions?

East Africa

In Somalia, healthcare workers are facing the prospect of treating patients without adequate medical resources. In Somalia’s capital, Martini Hospital is the country’s only medical facility dedicated to treating its growing number of coronavirus patients. The people of Somalia have struggled through years of conflict, locust swarms and now COVID-19.

Djibouti has seen a rapid spike in coronavirus cases with the Horn of Africa nation now recording the highest prevalence on the continent as the population largely ignores measures imposed by authorities.

Central Africa

Before dawn in a suburb recovering from war, Fanny Balekossi awakes and heads into the centre of Bangui. A radio broadcaster specialising in health issues, Balekossi survived years of sectarian fighting in the Central African Republic (CAR) during which her older sister and close friends perished. Now, she is facing a new struggle to pull her country back from the brink once more.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency is warning that the latest rounds of violence in eastern parts of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) displacing thousands of people could unleash terrible consequences for the country as it grapples to initiate a new fight against the deadly coronavirus.

Southern Africa

South Africa has become a COVID-19 model for the continent in many ways since it confirmed its index case on 5th March, 2020. From the area of testing through to record number of recoveries, South Africa has been praised for pro-activeness in combating the virus. The economic intervention measures rolled out by President Cyril Ramaphosa has also been classed as one of the most comprehensive across the continent.

Kenyan laboratories on the front line in the fight against coronavirus are stepping up their preparedness. At the Kemri Medical Research Institute in the capital Nairobi, researchers are tracking the virus with a range of newer equipment. They are preparing samples in machines capable of testing several thousand people in a day.

West Africa

Coronavirus seemed to be the worst of its kind that have struck West Africa and the world at large in the recent time. This research analytically looks at the spreading of the Coronavirus in West Africa, using Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast as the most important axes.

It was a calm day in Niamey on day one of the Holy month of Ramadan.

It follows protest against a curfew and ban on mass prayers to help curtail spread of the coronavirus. But tension still persists in Niger.

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