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'Earth's Beaming Treasure' by Rebeccah Ibrahim for #WorldPoetryDay

We are her, we are she, we are they,

The dark lustrous brightness of the continents pride,

Blossoming in the cold soothing hands of harmattan,

Sprouting beautifully in the sunny gaze of the heat,

As we dance to the tunes of heavens raindrops in summer,

She is, we the ancient pride of nature's home,

Rising beyond the heavy weight of doubt and fear,

Standing upon the victories of heroes past,

With no cape or sword wrought the paths we now stand

Earth's beaming treasure - a woman, oh nature's pride a woman,

The beautiful Eden of earth guarded garden,

Inspite of scars and burns she rose, we rise

To become now and always the woman kings of the earth,

The delicate sweet fragrance of mother earth

The ageless history of tribes and tongues,

Honours her, she, they and we,

For the tales of the earth find completeness in our story,

The story of every woman's beauty, strength and pain,

For in it all, the greatest victories will always be

A woman's inners beauty, strength and crown

Of every daring, delicate beaming being called a woman

We are her, we are she, we are they

Earth's beaming treasure,now and always

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