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How To Get Involved With Social Impact Work with Christabel Netondo

Christabel Netondo is final year Education student from Kenya that is passionate about social impact, innovation and bringing change to her society.

Christabel is the founder of the Impact For Change program. This program focuses on empowering young people with the information and access to opportunities required to become changemakers in their communities.

Christabel is also the Program Ambassador for the MyLittleBigThing Innovation Challenge, planning, coordinating, and implementing their SDGs 2030 agenda & youth-related activities.

She is a YALI East Africa Fellow 2020, KECTIL Colleague 2019 & African Changemakers Fellow 2018.

You can join us in a live conversation with Christabel on June 16th.

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Why did you want to host a webinar about youth input to social impact?

My choice of topic is important to me because, for starters, I am a youth. I have also worked in youth-led and youth-targeted initiatives before and I am currently engaged in one.

The benefits I have attained from being a part of these organisations and how they have built my capacity and skills is something I would really like to share with other youth on the continent. Social Impact is also the centre of what I do.

I saw this webinar as a way to get fellow youths to see the importance of taking part in social impact and community development. So the topic captures everything I am interested in, what I passionate about and the work I do.

What do you mean by youth social impact projects?

I mean the initiatives run by youth to change their society. Initiatives that, for example, come up with mitigation measures against climate change, food insecurity, fostering peace or fighting injustice. Basically, youth-led initiatives aimed at improving society.

For example, at Africa Matters, you have a Youth Leadership Development Program. That is part of the social impact I am talking about because you bring together youth to impart them with the skills and capacities they will need to improve their livelihoods and their society.

What can people attending the webinar expect to learn about?

I am going to have four focuses.

The first is on the definition of terms like “youth” and “social impact”.

Secondly, I am going to talk about the big “Why”: why are the youth special? Why have they stood out? And why they are emerging as the demographic dividend?”

Thirdly, I am going to talk about the “How”: how can they take part in driving social change? How can they make sure their voice is being heard and their input in being felt in society?

Lastly, I am going to talk about the benefits of taking part in social development, for the youths themselves and for society at large.

I also plan to give relevant examples and case studies to show evidence for these points

What questions will your webinar answer for the participants?

  • How can I make a difference?

  • How can I start an initiative?

  • How can I come up with a plan to begin doing advocacy work for something I am passionate about?

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