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The Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP) focuses on upskilling youth between 11-18 years old in rural and urban communities on leadership, soft and social entrepreneurship skills over a four-week program in schools across South Africa and Senegal.


Senegal is the first Francophone country to host SLDP. By engaging with Francophone speaking learners, we will have the potential to reach and empower, not only Anglophone speakers but also the 44% Francophone Africans. 

The SLDP was created in response to three problems:

1. The Gap in Fundamental Skills needed by Youth - Schools do not often teach youth critical skills needed in the competitive job market, such as leadership, soft skills and social entrepreneurship.

2. The Need to Change the Perception of African Leadership - There are still negative widely held perceptions of African leadership. These perceptions are often discouraging to youth who buy-into these perceptions. We need to reinforce that  Africa has had incredible leaders and ensure that African youth are the change the want to see in our leadership landscape.

3. Africa’s Emerging Youth Demographic - Africa’s youthful population poses both opportunities and threats to Africa’s growth. The SLDP ensures that this is an opportunity by investing in the education and training of youth at an early age so that youth can transform their communities.


APRIL 2019