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Leveraging technology to spark critical dialogue is a trend within the impact community. Live videos are engaging as they reach those excluded by geographical location, and allow for commentary and interaction during the video. Subsequently, Africa Matters has introduced webinars.

Africa Matters Webinar Series includes webinars, which take place at least twice a month on Zoom & Facebook Live. This allows us to leverage technology to spark critical dialogue and transfer knowledge led by African youth leaders across continental borders. These educational webinars include topics ranging from climate change, to burnout for activists, to youth in healthcare.

Youth Peace and Security in Africa

Christine Odera

Entrepreneurship, Firms and Innovation

Bunmi Otegbade

Women Empowerment in the World of Work

Dineo Mashile

Afrophobia - Will We Ever See an End?

Patrick Kadima

From the diaspora to « repat » in Africa

Diallo Néné Keita

The 3 P's: Purpose, Passion and Profession

Lerato Solomon

Confronting your inner self during "The Lockdown"

Danai Nyagani

African Youth Inclusion in ICT Infrastructure

Uffa Modey

Is Sleep the Missing Ingredient for Development?

Resla Wesonga

Caribbean Diaspora engagement | Careers in Development Economics

Phelisha Midy

Feminismo no Masculino.
      Homens, podem ou devem ser feministas?

Lussevikueno Kihonda

How to prevent violent extremism through heritage and culture?

Malek Abidi

The Role of Young People in Creating a Peaceful Continent

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

Balancing Your Day Job with Your Side Hustle

Dr. Natasha Salifyanji Kaoma

SDGs and Africa

Esomchi Agalamanyi

Slavery and Africa - The Past, Present and Future

Mawuli Kwami

Combatting Youth Unemployment and HIV in South Africa

Sarah Reeves

Political Participation of Youth in Africa

Lindokuhle Ntuli

When Passion Leads to Burnout

Farai Mubaiwa

The Plight of Stateless Persons

Farai Mzungu

Climate Change & Africa

Gbujie Daniel Chidubem

Millennials in the Workplace

Jean-Claude Muhire

The Africa We Want

Danai Nyagani

Africa's Emerging Youth Boom

Maryam Elgoni

Political Participation of Youth in Africa
SDGs and Africa

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