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The Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) focuses on upskilling and expanding the knowledge of youth between 18-35 years old through workshops covering African Identity, Career Strategy, Leadership, Soft Skills and Social Entrepreneurship. Similarly, to SLDP, these topics are curated to support mature youth to obtain employable and entrepreneurial skills.


Our Career Strategy module concentrates on assisting youth to develop a 5-10 year career strategy under the guidance of experienced Executive Recruiters. Providing them with the tools to create a winning CV and a standout LinkedIn profile to attract one's dream job. As well as building the soft skills that employers look for. The YLDP recently expanded to include workshops on Youth Advocacy working with the UNICEF Southern Africa’s Advocacy Guide.

Upon completion of the YLDP sessions, youth are expected to complete a six to 12 months volunteer or internship program with local organisations in their communities. This allows our youth to practically implement the skills learnt from our YLDP sessions. 


JANUARY 2020  

On January 11th, 2020, Africa Matters's Farai Mubaiwa and Ephrem Bekele of Sunekoethiopia co-facilitated a YLDP workshop in the National Archives and Library Agency, Addis Abba, Ethiopia. 


This workshop empowered Ethiopian youth through leadership, social, advocacy and social entrepreneurship skills.



UNICEF recently launched a Youth Advocacy Guide, developed by young Africans to enhance political and civic activity among African youth.


On September 27th, Africa Matters hosted a free workshop on the implementation of this guide in Johannesburg. We will be building on this event to bring the guide to young Africans across the continent.


Africa Matters facilitated workshops for over 130 participants of a 1-year learnership programme organised by The Aurum Institute and UnlockD.


The project aims to decrease the spread of HIV and TB and address unemployment by training and recruiting young South Africans into clinics across the country.