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Africa Matters is a youth-led organisation committed to upskilling and empowering African youth to change their communities and African narrative through leadership, social entrepreneurship and advocacy.


To upskill and empower Africa’s youth to create the future they want for themselves, their communities, and the continent.

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Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP)

The Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP) is a one-year blended-learning African leadership development program that provides 20 non-traditional leaders with critical tools to address the gaps in leadership, accountability and transparency in their communities. AMAP consists of an online skills development component, a hands-on Community Engagement Project (CEP), cross-continental network building, and mentorship from industry leaders across Africa. With their CEPs, Ambassadors are to identify issues that affect their communities and establish tangible and sustainable solutions to rectify social ills.


Follow our social media platforms for the 2024 Cohort Announcement on

7 March 2024.

Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP) 

The Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP) is a new hybrid program designed to empower thousands of school-age children ages 11-18 as young leaders who can drive positive change in their communities, countries, and region through deep-rooted advocacy and effective leadership. The program includes three components: capacity-building training, a pitching competition, and a school’s community engagement project (SCEP).


The capacity-building training is conducted in person and consists of seven modules covering personal development, mental health and wellbeing, creative thinking, problem-solving, design thinking, social innovation, social entrepreneurship, and community change-making. Through this program, we aim to inspire young people to develop social enterprises that create jobs for their communities, transforming the narrative of entrepreneurship in Africa.

She is Empowered (ShE)

The ShE program is an 18-month online development program that aims to transform 20 young women and girls from sub-Saharan Africa into change-makers who can empower and impact their communities positively. The program focuses on developing AGYW on topics such as transformative leadership, soft skills, social entrepreneurship, and advocacy. It equips participants with the skills and resources needed to implement Community Engagement Projects (CEP) in their communities.


Follow our social media platforms for the 2024 Cohort Announcement on

7 March 2024.

Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) 

The Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP) has recently undergone a process of redevelopment to provide a new framework for empowering and upskilling African youth. The new framework comprises of key programs that focus on Leadership, Advocacy and Social Entrepreneurship. Each of the offerings seeks to provide African youth with relevant, employable and entrepreneurial skills that will help youth become key changemakers in their communities.

Our latest offering, the African Social Entrepreneurship Program, targets young African social entrepreneurs aged 18 - 35 years old who seek to enhance their technical skills and upscale their existing enterprises. The program will provide capacity-building, expert guidance, peer mentorship, and financial support to help participants become agents of social change in their communities. 

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