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The True African Identity

They say Africa is an issue, a global issue to be exact That the soils of our continent are only synonymous with poverty Young children with hungry stomachs And as they say this, they are adamant that all these are the only facts.

Along with our failures as a nation, What they fail to express as they scrutinise our home Is the diversity and the vibrant energy that we as Africans possess As they continue to “describe” us in this dim light, we still have the responsibility of providing them with African education.

Here’s a breakdown of this unique education they subconsciously yearn for: Experiences Sharing experiences of being African Good or bad, free or oppressive Teaching empathy, not sympathy because the latter comes with pity. Potential Potential to change the narrative they have associated with us To one that becomes impactful and aids in instilling hope in an African child. Servanthood Serving others in whichever manner our ability affords us, for compassion is a practiced value in our tight-niche communities This attribute of serving has been birthed from the long era of slavery our own endured, both physically and mentally. Sharing This sense of generosity is deeply embedded in our identity From food to homes, joy to pain, in celebration and in mourning because Africans are carved from the spirit of Ubuntu. Strength and power Being strong is a factor that originates from the influence of powerful Womxn that African children are nurtured by Imbokodo that shake and shape our world, basadi ba matla. Africans, you see, have ‘That thing’ Now this is something that words cannot begin to provide an expressive meaning of Other than the gesture itself, for in the simple move of those hands and shoulders, You get to understand that inherent vibrancy of Africans.

See, these are but a few ways to provide the true definition of who we are Ways that set aside the deplorable conditions our continent is famous for As Africans, we are not oblivious to these states that are evident in our homes However, we refuse be at the mercy of these circumstances. With the pride that Africans have, our “weaknesses” are transformed into opportunities, by us: Acknowledging and appreciating our past as it teaches resilience and perseverance, And working now to positively effect change for our future.

I could go on about the affirmative attributes I have chosen to constantly associate Africa with – first step in changing the narrative- but let me rather conclude with the following: Dear African child, take ownership of your future, your Africa Allow your intrinsic characteristics shine through by advancing our home Into an even more powerful force The true story narrating the power of an African child has commenced through the experiences and wisdom of others Learn, unlearn but most importantly,

Influence the change Africa craves for.

PS: Take note of the frequent use of ‘our home’. Africa is ours and we are Africa’s.

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