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South Africans are a Disturbed People

South Africans are a disturbed people

A sad people

Who frankly should not be seen as the leaders of the African continent

You cannot lead what you detest.

We are disturbed because

After years of fighting for racial equality

We have turned to Afrophobia

After years of fighting for the liberation of the black body

We have turned around and said

‘All black bodies should be liberated, but some should be more liberated than others’.

And when we as black bodies, resent other black bodies

We give white men ammunition to further resent us,

To laugh in the face of our self-hatred,

To hate other Africans is to be anti-black.

Oh black South African,

What a pity it is to be you.

Full of self-hatred,

Hated by the white man,

And in turn you hate black foreigners.

South Africans are a disturbed people.

Photo: Man holding a rock during 2015 Xenophobic violence by Joao Silva

Image Credit : Joao Silva

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