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Winner of the Africa Day Writing Competition & Artist of the Month: Everton Tunduwe

As part of our Africa Day celebrations, AMI launched a Writing Competition to encourage our audience to share pieces that reflected on what being an African meant to them. The competition was very close, with a number of entries submitted, our winner was Everton Tunduwe. His piece entitled 'What the World has Become - A War Between Morality and Necessity' was a blend between philosophical inquiry and local experiences, challenging us to think about what leadership on the continent is.

We therefore find it fitting to place the spotlight on him as our Artist of the Month. Read the interview to learn more about the self-described “patriotic gentleman”.


AMI: Please tell us about yourself.

ET: Thank you. I am Everton Tapiwa Tunduwe, I am a selfless advocate of development and Administrator by academic qualification having attained a Bachelors of Science Honours In Administration Degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 2015 from 2012 upon successfully completing my Advanced level at Nyashanu High School in Buhera 2011. I am a patriotic dedicated gentleman as evidenced by achievements received up to date. I was born and breed in Harare, Zimbabwe in 1992 August on the 7th around 2am and later found myself in Bulawayo from the age of five (5). I am the second child to an amazing couple Mary and Tapfumaneyi Tunduwe raised from and beyond an ordinary family that reached out in an extra ordinary way.

AMI: Why did you decided to enter the writing competition? What was your inspiration behind the piece you decided to write?

ET: Sharing is caring, if opportunity do not come to you walk towards it. Becoming who I am was never a choice but a blessing from The Creator. To be heard, paint a picture and instill optimism whilst making a difference to me, anyone & anything next to me. The day to day social interface appreciation from day to day as through a social contract by nature inspires how I think, dream and envision beyond what the eyes can see but only visualize and deliberate upon.

AMI: What do you want people to take from your written piece?

ET:You should let the eyes spot and ears hear, thus, life will come knocking right back at you. Sharing your capabilities makes life's dimness to be over lit by the light & positivity it possess. Life is not all about you, it's about them and us together with flora and fauna. We should appreciate and nurse the world with nothing but excellence.

AMI: Would you say your writing expresses a positive African narrative? How?

ET: Yes I do, considering one appreciates what a Narrative is. The bar has been set by torch bearers like Nkrumah, Mandela, Sankara, Kenyatta among others and its now our call to raise it to its limitless limits. The world is capable, has potential and can never compromise for the sake of necessity. We are in this together.

AMI: How proud are you to be an African? What do you love about your culture?

ET: Yes I am vividly proud to be African although there is a room for an outsider that we can embrace and caress. The ability to value, reconsider and do the just makes me adore my culture. The ability to arrange priorities in their rightful position as well the courage intellectual by Africans to Fight for what belongs to them.

AMI: What advice would you give fellow writers who are afraid but passionate to show their work?

ET: I will acknowledge my Tutor on this one who said fear is an enemy to success. Share what you imagine, for a nation without a giver is like a river without a bridge. To my fellow fervent writers, it is better to bear the pain of Failure than that of Regret. Be a voice to the voiceless, Mandela would whisper, a man can be as great as he wants to be and making a rightful decision marks the difference.

AMI: Is there anything you'd like us to share that has not been asked?

ET: This is the story of my life I appreciate the opportunity given to me. The quality of life for anything under and beyond the sun is deciphered by the quality of impact we impart on each other. Once again, Life is not all about You- the ball is in your circumference now. Thank you to all who participated in the competition, whether through submitting a piece or by sharing, liking and engaging with them. We look forward to growing together as a community which values the production of Afrocentric knowledges.

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