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Education is Liberty

We are all familiar with the common perception that politicians are liars, however neither refuting or seconding the perception it signifies a great trigger behind that. This view is subjected during political campaigns and their aftermath. It is a political modus operandi to make promises as it comes with the territory.

Not only Africans but globally there is wider "politicophobia" and it has penetrated all the arenas and thus has no boundaries. This is a great trigger for civil wars, coups d'état and migration/refugee influx. Thus one thing leads to another big thing and it has made our society to be ungovernable. There is burning anger within society​ and that is where anarchism has stemmed from without a mere doubt. Evidently in such situations the fundamental question lies on who to blame and without a doubt the politicians are on the hot seat. Politicians are not really to blame as the saying goes, "Don't hate the player, hate the game".

Society is in dire need of leadership which speaks not to just inform but to transform not only our ideologies but our standards of living. We need transformational leadership which guarantees not only social welfare but also highly prioritizes education, human rights and upholding the rule of law with impartiality. The days of being guaranteed social welfare should cease because this ideology has been deeply ingrained into our people as a form of propaganda to get more votes. If as Africans and others globally take it upon ourselves to highly prioritize education, all other things will unfold systematically.

As they say "Knowledge is power", we say that EDUCATION IS LIBERTY, it is demolishing oppression and will continue to do so all the days to come. Before we are guaranteed education let us strive to guarantee it for ourselves. The spirit of education must be deeply ingrained into the heart of the African child. Arise African child, you are destined for excellence for it has no boundaries. Education is liberty and it will fight for you!

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