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The glory of Africa

Table Mountain stands lofty and proud

A perplexing work of nature, a sight for the weary soul

The grand Mosi-oa-tunya flows in majesty and glory

Mesmerizing the eye in its splendour

Winding and curvy like the enchanting python

Mount Kilimanjaro defines a nation, so tall and proud

She is as the sun, unchallenged and crowned with might

On her own she boasts of being Africa's finest

But of all these you are worth mentioning

For your gentleness silences the petal on the rose

Your kindness sends darkness on a run and evil on a trot

You are a wonder of Africa, one who is never sung

For the instruments for your song are an invention not made

And the lyrics of a language not yet formulated

You are higher than the mountain the tip of Africa

For your very presence silences the melody of the nightingale

You are more majestic than Victoria falls in all her beauty

She comes to a standstill when she perceives your grace

Kilimanjaro shies away and scampers like a field mouse

For you stand higher than her, leaving man awestruck

And my fear is that you will never get to see what I see

For butterflies are beautiful only if they ever leave their cocoon

And when they soar then the world will stand dazzled

Keep sparkling, stay gracious, and keep shining

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