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Christine Juta attends the 2nd Youth Capacity Building Program on Girls Education in Tunisia

Christine Juta is an Africa Matters Ambassador from Zimbabwe, a renewable energy enthusiast and African Union International Centre for Women and Girls Education in Africa (AU/CIEFFA) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Ambassador 2018.

I was deeply humbled at the opportunity to represent my country at the 2nd Youth Capacity Building Program on Girls Education held under the theme Entrepreneurship, Coding and Stem. The four-day workshop was hosted by @AU_CIEFFA in Hammamet, Tunisia. This year's workshop drew 55 participants from across the continent bringing together students, young professionals, educators and entrepreneurs.

As a Renewable Energy Engineering student, it was the Entrepreneurship session was particularly interesting as I realized the entrepreneurial potential of renewable energy.

Overall, the program has made me realize the relevance of renewable energy technologies as an enabler to providing quality education for all, with a particular focus on women and girls. We cannot discuss quality education without interrogating energy poverty in most rural and peri-urban communities and the inequalities this presents in the context of STEM education.

I also had the opportunity to be trained by a MIT app-inventor master trainer. I am definitely taking up app development lessons in my spare time as this is a critical skill in my work as a STEM ambassador. In addition to the formal training, the workshop provided an invaluable learning experience and I was able to foster relationships with young African visionaries who are definitely going somewhere.

The tour of the Tunisian Science Centre as well the Cultural Centre provided a rich cultural experience and I was amazed by the hospitality of our Tunisian hosts. Most importantly I spent four days interacting with Dr Rita Bissoonauth and her team and I must say I am happy to share the vision of @AU_CIEFFA and champion their cause as an ambassador in Zimbabwe. #GirlsTalks #Agenda2063 @AU_CIEFFA

Read Christine’s AMAP profile here:

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