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We are the ones we've been waiting for IN STEM EDUCATION.

Rejoyce Kgabo bo Legodi is an AMI Media Competition shortlisted contributor from South Africa. Her piece We are the ones we've been waiting for IN STEM EDUCATION is her interpretation of "Why are we the ones we've been waiting for?"


We live in a world where things are constantly changing, especially with increased technology and the rise of revolutionised industries (4IR spaces). We should prepare youth and upcoming generations to take up the space by igniting STEM Education in rural communities. Across most grades internationally, maths and science and technology are being taught as a part of the regular curriculum. We understand that primary school teachers should be developing math and science skills, alongside reading and writing, for a child’s foundation.

As exposure to technology grows, children need to become technologically literate from an early age. As a stem education advocate, advocating for rural boys and girls, we are who we've been waiting for in the stem education fields. We need to come forward as a community and offer science, technology and mathematics lessons to our communities. While math, science, and technology are foundational school subjects amongst reading and writing, they are classified together as ‘STEM’ subjects. Why is this? It is no secret that reading and writing are essential to children’s future success. There is no doubt that without the ability to read and write, students would not have the same maths, science, and technology literacy.

STEM Education uniquely provides students with a space to develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Children gain a growing advantage in the workforce as they learn STEM, with the advantage increasing from primary school to high school to post-secondary. Although technology and engineering are as important as maths and science subjects, they are commonly offered the most in post-secondary education. A potential reason for this is that teachers are not as comfortable teaching technology and engineering in primary and high schools. While studying technology allows learners to understand the application of certain tools or methods, most often, the term ‘technology’ is only synonymous with computers. It is examples like these that limit the potential of a subject like technology.

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For In STEM EDUCATION!

We are working tirelessly in advocating for STEM education to produce Scientists, Doctors, Mathematicians, pilots and Leaders in Science in the rural areas of Limpopo.

STEM education is very important to us as a Foundation, With the impact that STEM education has on our culture, country, and economy.

STEM is our primary focus.

Many schools around South Africa need assistance to give the quality of STEM education that students need to be successful and literate in science, maths, and technology.

By focusing on these subjects, we align with the need in South Africa to fill the workforce gap and practically equip schools to do this.

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