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Who am I

I’m not my name nor my sex

I’m not my story nor my past

I’m not what I possess or lack

I’m not what happened to me or what I have done

I am not my mistakes nor my shortcomings

I am a being greater than all things

I am a spirit that’s outside the space of time

I cannot be boxed to one definition for I am not of this world

I am not my body

I am not what the world reflects me to be

I am not what the world experienced yesterday, today...

I am love found within

I am many pieces put together...

But I cannot be formed to one entity.

The being that I am surpasses all things known and seen.

I am all that I am...

And all that I am...

Is all things great.

A great being I am!

I cannot be conformed to worldly definition

D. Teffo

People around us see us through the many lenses that they can identify and associate with. It’s been said that we respond to what we are familiar with and reject what exposes our unfamiliarity. We are judged on our daily lives by our appearance, features, hairstyles, skin colour, clothing, behaviour and our words contribute very little to who we are. It is human nature to form perception and conclude judgment first then hear us out from the perception of judgment. Outside our gender, occupation, social standing, our past experiences, who are we really as individuals?

This is Percy’s story.

Percy was a very good looking young man in his early - mid-twenties. A clean well-groomed man who appeared to be somewhat “perfect” to the eye. He had a killer smile, features that seem to fit perfectly on his face and an even-toned body with just the right height. But many people could not place Percy’s sexual orientation. Many judges him to be gay because of the way he wore his shirts and tailored pants. The way in which he would leave the first three buttons of his shirt unbuttoned, exposing his chest which had no trace of hair. He was said to be too clean for a “straight guy”, his charisma was mesmerizing to both genders. Girls loved and enjoyed his attention, he was clued up on womens’ interests and he could hold down a conversation with men too. When asked if he were gay, all he said was I’m just Percy, I have no sexual orientation. His response got people debating about him, others saying “he’s still in the closet, he’s ashamed”’ others placing him as bisexual. Percy, in his words, said he did not identify with the outer being. He felt who and what he was was something greater than the use of words.

He said he identified with a lot of things thus making it complex for him to form one definition of himself. He was a living being in a human form having human experience but his sense of self was outside the human form. Not only did he associate with humans of all sexes but he felt connected all living things. He believed plants and animals communicated in greater ways than how human tended to interpret the unheard communication of plants and animals. Percy believed he was living outside the concept of time and beyond this known human life. He was very mesmerizing, he had the charm and poise. Men and women alike liked him. One could never tell if he had great love for his work or if he was intrigued by people. His ability to connect with people, at first sight, was remarkable. He believed we are all here on earth to experience life outside judgement, shape or form but as just being outside all things, in short, without definition of words but through experiences, and to experience something, one needs to be open to learning and letting things be as they are.

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