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Young, African and in Lockdown with Danai Nyagani

Danai Nyagani is an intellectual powerhouse who making waves by changing the perception of young people, one conversation at a time.

Danai works for a world-leading youth development organisation called Youth Health Africa which focuses on youth development and empowerment through a one-year skills development program.

She aims to use her educational background to make mental health and well-being an ordinary part of African youth conversations.

You can join us in live conversation with Danai on May 4th.

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So, why this topic for a webinar?

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar. We chatted about how young people deal with their mental health during a time like COVID-19 and I found it very interesting.

A lot of people from around the world were sharing how they were dealing with the uncertainty of this time. One of the speakers is a professor and he explained how the pandemic has really affected people’s mental health.

It's not just about having to stay at home and do similar things over and over again, but how people had to adapt their coping mechanisms to fit this time.

I became really interested in this and I wanted to share some of the sentiments I learned in this webinar and also share how us as young people can readjust our coping mechanisms to fit a time that is so uncertain, and that comes with so many restrictions.

I also wanted to pass on some of the tips and insights I’ve received in my own experience.

How did you find out about the webinar? Can you tell me more about it?

The Youth Power Organisation conducted this webinar in the beginning of April in collaboration with the Youth League Organistion. One of my colleagues recommended it to me, and while attending it I realized that it would be a great thing to talk about on a webinar for Africa Matters.

One of the things that drew me to it was seeing how young people managed their mental health during this time.

One of the ambassadors spoke about how organisations in the Philippines had created a mobile app allowing people to access mental health information alongside information about COIVD-19.

Another spoke about how, in his community, they’ve created a network of young people where they can share ideas and information about various coping mechanisms. One was a kind of mental health bingo that I found very interesting.

I saw a number things that I believed the Africa Matters audience could benefit from.

What do you hope for this webinar?

I am very interested to find out how young people in Africa have been coping with COVID-19 and how they have adjusted their coping mechanisms to safeguard their mental health in this unpredictable time.

I have seen a lot of discussions and engagement about how young people from Europe and The United States have been dealing with their mental health during this time. I hope that by having this discussion it will prompt young people from Africa to also share their coping mechanisms, given our unique circumstances and situation.

I’m also interested in how young people are preparing for life post-lockdown, and how do they hope or aim to achieve a good mental health.

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