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Africa My Child

The air where I'm standing is so thick. Full of unspoken praises from deep within. The land is so rich, the people who own it are Gold. Their dark shades kissed by the pure sun. The men of this continent work hard to provide and protect their offsprings. The women provide great leadership and guidance to the nation. Their nutritious breasts have raised great men and women. Nourishment for a direct connect to their roots. The daughters of the soil grow up to be powerful women. Curves so right, Gods temple is a beauty indeed. The moon kisses the thick, tough and disobedient hair at night. Nature is taken care of by children of Africa. Light and dark shades of brown. So yes, oh Africa, you were born of beautiful Africans. You are taken care of by your many children of the soil. Oh Holy land, From Cape to Cairo... from Morocco to Madagascar. All prayers are heard, because you're a symbol of a cross. You are kissed by God himself. Oh but no more tears chosen land of kings. Rise dear Africa, the world awaits for you. When will you rise up from your forced slumber? Utaondoka lini katika usingizi wako? Uzovuka nini ebuthongweni bakho? Ha u tla tsoha neng borokong ba hao? Uya kuvuka nini na ebuthongweni bakho? I pray the world meets your colourful self dear Africa. Full of diverse people who are all united. Your scent of hard work and rich soil makes me believe, all children coming out of your womb grow large to reach the world at large. But their hearts ache for you. Their veins are their roots just like the great tree called Sagole Baobab. You were raised well my. Africa. Now raise our little diamonds.

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