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Breaking: Zanu-PF moves to sack Robert Mugabe

Zimbabwe's ruling party, Zanu-PF has presented President Robert Mugabe with a grim ultimatum: step down as president or face impeachment. In the wake of military action which began earlier this week, Zanu-PF appointed ex-Vice-Presdient Emmerson Mnangagwa to take lead of the party. In an apparent attempt to block Mugabe from installing his wife as his successor, the military initially placed him and his family under 'house arrest'. A number of senior officials, including Grace Mugabe, were then expelled from the party as the military sought to strengthen its influence.

It has been reported that the two sides have been in talks this week with Mugabe resisting the pressures to resign and doing his best to keep up presidential appearances (albeit under the watchful eye of the military). The party has given him until Monday at 10:00 GMT to resign.

Zimbabweans gathered at rallies in cities across the world to show support for the military's actions.

Zimbabweans around the world celebrate the news of the military's intervention

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