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The Gambia celebrates Independence Day

In 1965 The Gambia achieved independence from Britain, the only African country to gain independence that year.

An introduction to The Gambia

Buried inside Senegal, this small West African country of less than 2 million people saw the end of tight-fisted President Yahya Jammeh's rule in 2016. The new President, Adama Barrow, has described inheriting an economy that was "virtually empty" but has expressed confidence in The Gambia's future.

"There is a lot of goodwill from around the world. And they have expressed interest in doing business with The Gambia," Barrow told News24 last year. "Not just the Chinese and (former colonisers) the British, but Dubai, and others like the French," Barrow says. "It is now up to The Gambia to make the best out of these."

The Gambia has the unhappy reputation of having the highest percentage of its citizens migrating on the dangerous ocean routes between Sub-Saharan Africa and Italy on which so many have drowned in recent years. President Barrow has committed to address this issue by developing The Gambia, outlining the country's ports, poultry farming and horticulture as areas of intended growth and job creation.

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