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Update 2: Ambassadors Campaign

Greetings to all Africa Matters readers and supporters.

It's been little over two weeks since the opening of applications for the Ambassadors Programme. Applications are continuing to pour in and we would like to thank all of you for continuing to apply.

We have received over 100 applications from Kenya and over 50 from Zimbabwe, with much fewer from Rwanda and Namibia. If you are from Rwanda and Namibia, please share this article with young people who you think may be interested! Zimbabweans and Kenyans, please continue to apply!

For those that missed the previous update, here is Ambassador Programme schedule for the next two months.

5 March: Applications close. 16-18 March: All successful applicants will have heard back from AMI.

19-23 March: AMI will conduct digital interviews with applicants.

24-25 March: AMAP's selection process will be completed.

26 March: Ambassadors will be announced.

3 April: Online training sessions begins.

Our crowdfunding campaign remains at 14% of it's goal. Help us make this Ambassador Programme a success by spreading our crowdfunding campaign with anyone who may be able to assist us in reaching our goal.

Donate Here:

We will continue to update you as the campaign moves forward. Until then, thank you to everyone who has expressed their support and applied to the program. We look forward to making this campaign a resounding success.

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