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The Ambassadors Campaign: Update

Greetings to all our readers and supporters!

For the past two weeks the Africa Matters team has been poring over hundreds of applications from Rwanda, Kenya, Namibia and Zimbabwe. Applicants ranged from teenagers attending high-school to 35-year-olds with social engagement projects of their own, providing hundreds of different perspectives and visions of Southern Africa.

It has been an inspiring experience being able to see the potential of this continent in the minds of hundreds of passionate young people, and we are excited to begin engaging with some of these visions.

First things first: We have made the decision to extend the first round of application reviews by a week. This will allow us to review our choices and ensure every applicant is given a fair chance of making our shortlist. This means we have had to update our schedule.

5 March: Applications close. 23-25 March: All successful applicants will have heard back from AMI.

26-30 March: AMI will conduct digital interviews with applicants.

31-02 April: AMAP's selection process will be completed.

3 April: Ambassadors will be announced.

10 April: Online training sessions begin.

Shortlisted candidates will be contacted between the 23rd and the 25th of March.

We will continue to update you as the campaign moves forward. Until then, we will be sharing some of the most inspiring and meaningful responses we received in applications over the next week. Keep an eye out!

Twitter: @AfricaMatters

Facebook: Africa Matters

Instagram: @AfricaMatters2015

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