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At a point in time I was walking down the streets in my vicinity and learning the sorrowful situation and its populace has brought many memoirs of how the economic condition has led to the disheartening suffering that is beyond soul incapacity. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

I am akin to consider, consequently is the behavior of demeanor that has engulfed the majority to loom life in contrast to sustainable development drive. From the infants to the aged, the tone and slick talk has been infected with the optional philosophy that always an individual is meant to become the contrary of the manifestation in the mirror. Lately, such doing has given the world fruits of corruption, compromise of good governance, health and wellbeing in a way that is detrimental to the human survival. By and large Africa-where I inhabit-, has been damaged by these mayhem from the streets replicating into the corporate world as well a thing that is very disconcerting psychologically and emotionally with regard to youth empowerment. Headlines take turns across the media accusing church officials squandering tithes whilst in the offices top officials are culprits of funds embezzlement something that may be classified as a means of survival–so they say!.

The rhythm of misconduct has defeated the purpose of law and code of conduct as the governing states might be said to be failing to control such mishap. The world of necessity does not correspond to the world of morality as in a jungle you cannot saunter around with eyes bunged assuming the forest vultures are on a fasting moment yet you are supposed to be free but hey- it’s the survival of the fittest. Who have we become to be that has led jack to be Jackson? I wonder. With no surprise, people are pilfering and in joking terms it’s been labeled systematic by its very normalcy yet it’s not even close to that.

Philosopher by virtue, Machiavelli, echoed such lexis dating back in the 19th centuries that there shall come a time where the societies will be in the exercise of doing whatever it takes to live to see tomorrow and as such he was of the view that the ends justify the means and what happens in the process are myriad grey shades that has nothing to do with color black or white. Could this be what is happening today and do we have to be ruthless, heartless and of late arrogant when we hear the words of ethics and values; trust, transparency, accountability, responsibility, rights and education to mention but a few.

The institutionalization of these befalling misconducts is of tantamount significance as such should the research institutions see to it that they provide therapy to these ailments and let it be mentally and virtually feasible. The precedent years have been dominated by very sound antidotes but their implementation has been utopia. Something should be done to counter the level of animosity that has escalated towards good conduct and uphold of universal principles to disregard the blame-ish language. I’m of the view that lets be the Youths that have the zeal to development, create 'Africa we want' hence let’s start the thousand mile journey. What separates boys from men is the courage to be creative and give it a try appreciating the world of impossibilities that do say ‘Im possible abilities’- this is the beauty of linguistics if you think deeper and wider.

The strength in the triumph of probable elucidation lies in being educated, entrepreneurial & develop ourselves as emancipated youths. Our appreciation goes to Nkrumah, Mugabe, Kenyatta, Banda, Samora Machel, Nyerere, Kagame, Mandela among others for being the pacesetters and legendary icons, as African Youths together we can raise the bar. At such climax, our attention and worry should drift away from the effects brought by the aforementioned atrocities and be ushers of sustainable development. What is palpable is the pain associated in the process but without pain there is no gain hence lets reflect, reconsider and make the world-OUR AFRICA- a better place we want it to be. ‘Let there be justice for all, be work for all, peace for all, health, mind and soul freedom for all. Never again should it be that this beautiful land feels and sees the oppression of one by another’–Nelson Mandela [1919-2014].

A wise man would say convince or confuse a multitude and today I will say think twice on your position as an emancipated YOUTH, being, AFRICAN. If not now then when shall be the wakeup call and the vanish of all the negativity in reference to our morals, values, norms and rise of youth mainstreaming as catalyst towards harnessing the demographic dividend.

Only one day, do I wish to wake up in the morning with very assurance to the restoration of morality over necessity. Fate will tell I can smell it but I won’t cast a spell.

Article by Tunduwe Everton. ZIMBABWEAN by birth, AFRICAN by virtue.

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