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Kabila Muss Raus

"The international community has done nothing! This will be another Rwanda..."

As anti-Kabila protests continue to rage in the Congo, Congolese citizens around the world are pleading with the international community to recognise the scale of the violence being committed in their home country. Kabila's presidential mandate was set to expire this week, but it appears that he is determined to try for an unconstitutional third term.

One of Africa Matters' team members was able to chat to a group of Congolese-Germans who had staged a peaceful protest in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin - a space known for its heavy congestion of tourists and other visitors. It is also in close proximity to multiple embassies which the protestors hoped would draw the necessary attention to their cause.

The group aimed to raise the consciousness of German citizens and visitors alike as they lamented the indifference of Western media. This was unfortunately all too apparent in the fact that while there was a noticeable police presence watching over the group, no media were present to engage.

"I am originally living in Cologne (a city approx. 572km away from Berlin), but our protests there never receive attention. Today we traveled here to ask Western media to share our voices and to get European governments to listen. Millions are dying in the Congo and the world does nothing. Kabila muss raus! [Kabila must go!]"

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