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Africa Matters Initiative Announces New Board of Directors to Drive Growth

[Cape Town, South Africa] July 5, 2023 – Africa Matters Initiative (AMI) is thrilled to unveil its new Global Board of Directors. This strategic appointment marks a significant milestone for AMI as it embarks on a journey of growth, innovation, and visionary impact—transitioning from founding to a global governing board, becoming the leading organisation dedicated to empowering African youth and catalysing transformative change throughout the continent.

AMI's overarching vision is to amplify, empower, and upskill African youth to create the world they want to see for themselves and their communities. With the appointment of Anelisiwe Hatto, Olubunmi “Bunmi” Otegbade, Rekgotsofetse Chikane, and Yandiswa Zikalala to the Board of Directors, AMI is poised to transcend boundaries and unlock new possibilities for African youth. These exceptional individuals bring a wealth of expertise and a profound commitment to youth empowerment and sustainable development.

The new members commenced their three-year term on May 1, 2023.

Meet the New Board Members:

Bunmi Otegbade - The incoming Board Chair and senior leader at Ashoka combines thought, venture, and capital to build a future Africa for The Global African. With expertise in forging global partnerships for future technologies, he co-founded Generation Enterprise and has a background in research and early-stage investments.

Anelisiwe Hatto - An accomplished Senior Security Specialist who is experienced in conducting OSINT and HUMINT analysis in politically volatile environments. With a Master's degree in International Relations, he is driven by a passion to reshape Africa's global positioning and contribute to its socio-economic strength on the global stage.

Rekgosofetse Chikane - A Lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand, Rekgosofetse specialises in Public Policy Processes, Public Administration, and Governing in a Digital Age. With a Master's degree in Public Policy from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor's degree in Social Science Honours from the University of Cape Town, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Development, Complexity Economics, and Decoloniality.

Yandiswa Zikalala - The incoming Treasurer, is a Senior Investment Officer at Business Partners Ltd, bringing over six years of experience in investments, financial accounting, and internal audit. With a strong drive and determination, Yandiswa is motivated to make a significant impact in the world of finance.

The existing board members, including Aluwani Ramarumo, Danai Nyagani, and Reanne Olivier, the current CEO of Africa Matters, have been instrumental in shaping AMI's strategic growth and ensuring its financial sustainability. Their dedication and strategic guidance have laid a solid foundation for the organisation.

"We are not only thrilled but also deeply honoured to welcome Anelisiwe, Bunmi, Rekgotsofetse, and Yandiswa to our esteemed board,” said Reanne, CEO of Africa Matters Initiative. “Since assuming the CEO role in 2020, my mission has been to seek out exceptional skills and expertise that will amplify our collective capabilities and propel us towards even greater positive change across the continent. With our new global board of directors in place, we can now take significant strides in realising the vision and mission of AMI, amplifying our impact even further."

As AMI embarks on this new phase with the Global Board of Directors, it looks forward to embracing fresh perspectives and innovative approaches. The board’s collective vision and unwavering commitment, along with AMI's dedicated team, will accelerate the organisation's impact and empower African youth to unleash their full potential.


About Africa Matters Initiative

Founded in 2015 by two young passionate black African and diasporan women, Africa Matters Initiative is dedicated to equipping youth leaders with the tools to drive tangible change in their communities. Through their signature programs, including the Africa Matters Ambassadors Program (AMAP), Schools Leadership Development Program (SLDP), ShE is Empowered Program (ShE), and Youth Leadership Development Program (YLDP), AMI has positively impacted the lives of over 27,000 African youth and diaspora. They also collaborate with local, national, and global private, public, and non-profit partners to create bespoke programs that catalyse opportunities for African youth.

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