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Let Us Move Away from the Reliance on Foreign Aid

We have soil and water. What we live by are Agriculture, water and livestock. How do we cultivate out resources of water agriculture, and livestock so we are able to feed ourselves independently and leave famine behind us? Combining the urban with pastoralist society as we have our roots in the pastoral life and make it a sustainable profit. The purpose of combining both is to actively graduate from food aid from elsewhere. We see the food aid as a weapon killing the ability of our people to cultivate the agricultural land and feed ourselves. Once upon a time we reached to be a self-reliant society.

A Somali proverb says: "if we come together, we can even mend a crack in the sky." We have living experiences of reaching the goal of self-reliance. We have been disturbed by a civil war and nation wise institutionally disparities. What we developed during this civil war period is amazing though we have been forced to be discarded all over the world. We have shown to be a resilient people (dadkarmeed). Our community resilience is something to be proud of. We have created a supportive power among society living in famine, wars and anarchy. Somalis around the world became the lifeline for unconditionally being supportive to Somalis remaining home. We have developed a banking systems (remittances) much cheaper, faster and more secure than traditional bank systems. We have also created very modern communication and transportation channels cheaper and as fast as those in developed countries. Through the anarchy and chaos we built an entrepreneurship culture of boosting our national economy. In this we have inbuilt an international network of business domains that bring together our communities to be swiftly connected regardless of continental residents. What is remained to be created and restored is the core of living in peace with one another and remove the created fear among ourselves. We have to strengthen the trust we have towards each other. This trust exists in our indigenous banking solutions of money transfer and money lending. When concerned traditional customary law, we obey to its solutions towards all conflicts, but when it comes to political power sharing we become rigid and suspicious of one another. It is my understanding that the reason that we are not alone in the playground of our political conflict resolutions is because we are not alone in being responsible for root causes of our political problems.

In this part of the analyses we seem to be part of the world, while the world is not a part of investments to our local and international economic developments. What we have is what we can use to stabilize our politics and economies.

We are directed to follow international regulations and directives to solve our local issues.

We get internationally defined aid to our needs. When we need water, we get fire where there is no food to cook. The aid-givers then demand us to reduce the malnutrition of our kids. When we have water to our agricultural land and cultivate our land and get crops, they distribute very old and uneatable corn from their subsidised farmers. Our locally produced corps cannot be sold locally. Our farmers become poor and our agricultural land not be used locally. When we start fishing and meet international fishers emptying our sea we start resisting and protesting. The multinational mafia companies together with their countries of origin define us as pirates.

When we unite ourselves (through our indigenous and collective systems such as religion and culture) and politically fight against this neo-colonial power oppressing us economically we are defined as terrorists.

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