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I Weep for Africa


i weep for Africa not because it hurts me but because its land needs my water

i bend for Africa not because it wants me to break but because i want to wrap my body around its people and pull them closer as they drift apart

i sit in Africa and watch it combust internally and see its wars fuelled from western wages and hear its people sing songs of ubuntu while massacring their own humanity

i stand in Africa and feel someone else’s green grass beneath my feet while they stand on barren soil

i long for Africa to show me the way to contribute rather than sitting behind a screen of white privilege and searching for a soul to match soles with in our march for African redemption my heart cries for Africa as i feel each conflict within my own being as we are one, Africa and i

i sing for Africa songs of struggle songs of peace i know where we have come from i know where we are i don’t know where we are going but i know where we should be but i will do my best to get us there

God Bless africa Guard Her Children Guide Her Leaders And Give Her Peace

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