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Dear Liberation: A Nation Mourns

Dear liberation

Africa mourns tonight.

A rock, a spear, a force.

Winnie Madikizela-Mandela.

Mother of a nation.

First lady of the black liberation struggle.




Dear liberation.

The queen of love is dead.

Pain, torture, humiliation, jail.

For liberation she paid dearly.

Freedom at all costs.

Full of love and goodwill.

Its hard to believe the great queen is dead.

Dear liberation

In our memory we shan't forget.

Her grace.

Her beauty.

Her peace.

Her love.

Her fight.

Her urgency.

Her vigilance.

Her ferocity.

Her resistance.

Her passion.

Dear liberation

She is me

She is you

She is man

She is woman

She is Africa

She is Nomzamo Madikizela

She is immortality

Dear liberation

You owe her.

You owe her love.

You owe her life.

You owe her time.

You owe her forgiveness.

You owe her peace.

Dear liberation

Never forget.

Her foundation was unshakable.

Mbokodo engayokwesuswa!

Wen’ ongagudluzwa ziphepho!

Maye! Mama wesizwe...



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