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UPDATE: The Africa Matters Ambassador Programme

On the 6th of April we announced the nine Ambassadors who would launch the first Africa Matters Ambassador Programme. These individuals represented the best of the 540 applications we received from Namibia, Zimbabwe, Kenya and Rwanda.

For the last 6 months the Ambassadors have been hard at work building towards the point that they will establishing their own AMI hubs in their respective countries.

The training aspects of the programme are nearing an end. The Ambassadors have completed their training modules on Basic Skills Development, African Leadership and African Feminisms, and are currently engaged with the Social Entrepreneurship module. The implementation of these skills in the practical element of the programme begins at the start of October.

After careful analysis and selection, Ambassadors were paired with mentors to provide them with personal and career-related guidance. The Ambassadors have been engaging with their mentors since May, and will continue to learn from and work with their mentors until the end of the year.

Following the completion of the online training modules, Ambassadors will begin establishing Africa Matters hubs in their countries through a programme of their choice. This programme will be modeled on the strategic plans they have been working on for the past 4 months.

Thereafter Ambassadors will commit to the execution of four community-impact initiatives with measurable and sustainable goals, supported by Africa Matters and partners in their communities.

We will soon be running a blog series on the Africa Matters website to showcase and follow the implementation of these programmes as they get underway. Keep an eye out for news of this series on our social media channels.

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