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The dearly departed

A tribute to a fallen Titan, Modise MaDanny

The dearly departed still live…

They are forever present

Their ways guide this life

Their footsteps are tattooed on the grounds we walk on!

And we sing their names in our ways of living.

The dearly departed still speak the words of life

They foretold today’s times and that of tomorrow

For their experiences equipped them with knowledge of life

They dared to fight for a world we today enjoy

In controversy they wrote history in their names

And today we sing their names in praise!

The dearly departed still live…

Though they are never coming back…

They are never gone

Their words echo in many aspects of life…

It is in their spoken words that wisdom we find

And quote their vision uttered…

And we shall forever sing their names in awe!

The dearly departed who now rest…

Will eternally be the guiding stars…

With dreams imparted in daylight

For they dreamt of a life beyond that of the mortal world

And we shall forever sing their names


“It’s almost impossible to disappear in the world we live in today.

Throughout our days on this earth, we do not have all the answers; but we sure do have a purpose. And it is at the very end of it all that the life we led is summed up by the actions one took.”

It was John Donne who wrote, “Death be not proud,” though it is through death that we feel loss and agony, death has no power over human lives for death is only a short sleep.

I, amongst many others, have lost a great soul who lived life as the embodiment of courage, strength, authority, and leadership. A soul that valued the truth and fought for those in bondage of their minds and circumstances.

Everyday we document our life story through daily data we release to the world. Our words, belief systems, the daily mannerism of self-conduct are an entry into a self scripted tribute that no other can write but ourselves, and one that is only reiterated once we have departed from the world of the living.

You have lived an exemplary life Bra D. Now rest knowing that you led a purposeful life; those like myself are continuing to learn from the many chapters of your life that you wrote in the presence of many spectators. Though I weep for your departed body, you live on through your ways and words, the dreams you had and I shall forever sing your name in awe.

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