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ShE is Empowered Update: Personal Development Reflection with Gugulethu Mann

This piece was contributed by Gugulethu Mann, an Africa Matters ShE is Empowered Leader from South Africa, as part of her engagement with the Personal Development module. This module focuses on self-esteem building, finding your why, and understanding your purpose.

My name is Gugulethu Mann, I am 27 years old. I am based in South Africa, Gauteng, Soweto. I enjoy reading, yoga and swimming. I like to keep up with current news affairs (local and international) to stay informed. I work as a coordinator at Gauteng Provincial Legislature, and I am currently acting as the unit supervisor. My academic accomplishments include a BA degree in Public Management and Governance, an Honours degree in Development studies, Post-graduate diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation and I am currently pursuing a Masters degree in Monitoring and Governance. My additional training includes a certificate for training on transversal mainstreaming: acquired awareness on mainstreaming gender, race, youth, disability, and human rights.

I am a self-motivated, flexible, and dedicated team player who prospers in a fast-paced work environment. I set priorities and I have the discipline to execute those priorities. I work well under pressure and work efficiently. I can manage time and I am punctual. I pay attention to details and my interpersonal skills have been proven through teamwork.

I joined the ShE program because my goal and aspiration is to run a successful NPO that helps girls with career guidance, job applications, interview skills, university, and bursary applications. My professional goal and aspiration is to get a job in the Monitoring and Evaluation field and complete my Master's degree in Monitoring and Evaluation. The long-term goal is to own an M&E consulting firm, with the objective of helping private companies, government departments, and NGOs/NPOs to set up monitoring systems and conduct evaluations on projects, policies, and programmes.

Experience gained from the ShE is Empowered Program

I am definitely not the person I was when the year started, I have grown in the last couple of months and developed new skills. I enjoyed the modules on personal development, African identities, cultural differences and similarities, and financial literacy. During the similarities and differences, I was paired with Leonah Ndlovu in whom I have gained a lifelong sistership, I learned how similar we are regardless of our different nationalities.

The program has provided me with an opportunity for learning. The modules are structured and offered in such a way that one takes away a lot from them. A module that stands out is the personal development module which enabled me to do some self-introspection. I learned a lot about myself and areas that I need to improve on. The program also provided an opportunity to engage and learn from youth from other African countries. I had to change the way I initially planned my community impact project due to COVID restrictions. However, the new strategy will allow me to reach a larger target audience.


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